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Treatment of intervertebral hernia

Hernia of intervertebral department Is the displacement of a part of the deformed intervertebral disc. Basically it appears, if a person has such a disease as osteochondrosis.

Disease occurs as a result of a rupture Intervertebral disc. The resulting hernia, protruding backwardAnd aside, presses on the root of the nerve at the site of its exit from the spinal canal and causes inflammation accompanied by swelling. This explains why pain and loss of sensitivity do not appear immediately after the onset of the disease.

Without timely proper treatmentIntervertebral hernia leads to serious complications. The disease worsens the work of the heart, causes gastritis, hard-to-treat radiculitis, chronic bronchitis. The intervertebral hernia disrupts the blood circulation of the brain and promotes the development of strokes. On how to get rid of this disease without surgery, you will tell the editors "so simple!".

Treatment of intervertebral hernia

The causes of such a hernia are often incorrect and strong stress on the back, insufficient drinking regimen or sedentary lifestyle and weakening of the back muscles.

It is important to note that surgical operations are only indicated if there are serious Neurological complications: Sensitivity and motor impairmentActivity. In other cases it is necessary to observe a special regime and avoid strong physical exertion. Also, you need to do special exercises that will help to prevent the disease or get rid of it.

Exercises with intervertebral hernia

  1. Lie on your back, relax. Start alternately slowly bend your knees.
  2. Now straighten your legs and lift them. Just do everything calmly, do not rush.
  3. Bend your knees and alternately put one foot on the knee of the other.
  4. Turn your legs to the right and left, while the back should be stationary.

The whole Set of exercises for the back You can see in this video. They are recommended not only for people who suffer from intervertebral hernia, but also for the prevention of this disease. Especially if your activity is related to physical labor or you are troubled by such diseases as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, excessive kyphosis or lordosis.

Do these exercises regularly, and already soon you will forget about the hernia and excruciating pains in the back. Tell your friends about the miraculous gymnastics, they will be grateful!