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Dependence of diseases and appearance

What can our body say about us? It turns out, it is a real source of interesting information. And even the usual ratio of the sizes of our bodies can give a lot of useful information, up to Medical recommendations.

The length of the fingers, the range of the arms, the size of the chest and legs can tell you which diseases you are predisposed to and what you should be afraid of.

Scientists conducted a number of studies and found thatProportions of body parts are formed depending on the level of certain hormones. Therefore, just a closer look, to make a semblance of an espresso analysis and find out what our body lacks, and what, on the contrary, is abundant.

Proportions of body parts

  1. fingers
    It is considered that the length of the index and namelessThe finger depends on the level of estrogen and testosterone, respectively. Consequently, in most men the ring finger is longer than the index finger, and in women it is vice versa.

    Women with a male type of fingers (nameless longer than the index) are more athletic and aggressive, but less prolific. They are more prone to Osteoarthritis, And may also suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Women, whose index finger is longer than the nameless, are less determined and more prolific. They have a much higher risk of developing breast or cervical cancer, as well as polycystic ovaries.

    Men with a female type of fingers (indexFinger longer than the nameless) are more sociable, have good literary abilities, but they have problems with the sport. They are more likely to suffer from depression and heart disease, and there are more schizophrenics among them.

    Men whose nameless fingers are longerIndicative, more passionate and physically developed. They are more prolific and have good mathematical abilities. Such men are more prone to osteoarthritis, and among them more autistic.

  2. fingers

  3. Length of legs
    Legs are considered normal if their length is half the height. Respectively, long legs - more than half the length of the human body, and short - less than half.

    Scientists found that people with short legs, as a rule, have Liver problems. Most likely, long limbs indicate a correct and balanced diet in childhood, which had a beneficial effect on the development of the liver.

  4. Length of legs

  5. Breast size
    Large breasts at a young age can indicateThat the girl has problems with the production of insulin. Therefore, girls with a lush bust are much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. They should be more demanding about their diet and more time to do sports.
  6. Breast size

As you can see, everything in our body is interconnected. Carefully studying their characteristics, you can find out what health problems should be prepared. Do not forget to share this information with your friends, thanks to it they will be able to make for themselves many interesting discoveries.