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Diet from eczema

Maya's parents first encountered eczema when their daughter was still an infant. Doctors diagnosed a disappointing and told that the inflammation of the skin in the form of Scaly spots, Which almost completely cover the child's body, is genetically incurable.

However, it is worth paying tribute to the stubborn parents,Who did not want to give up and fought the disease to the last. When the girl turned 7, her mother began to notice the connection between flashes of eczema and eating habits of her daughter.

It was then the girl's parents decided to try all the most famous diets. Accidentally stumbled upon a vegetarian Power supply system, They found it too heavy for the child, but nevertheless decided to try - and not lost!

Diet with eczema

«Diet is very difficult, but even harder to live with eczema", Admits Maya's mother. After the first results became visible and the disease began to gradually recede, the whole family of five completely switched to a vegetarian diet.

About six months of Maya, her parents and two youngerOnly vegetables and fruits were used by the brother. For this time the girl's skin was almost completely cleansed, and her mother confessed that she had seen a baby without eczema for the first time in her life!

Treatment of eczema

Since the family changed their eating habits, it took about two years. Today the Maya is a happy and healthy 9-year-old girl.

With the adoption of a new diet, she literally a couple of times experienced several small outbreaks of the disease. And her younger brother, to whom doctors diagnosed "autism", became more sociable and less likely to withdraw into himself.

Although to date there are no reliable facts proving that the diet helps in the fight against Autism, Some studies have already been carried out to confirm this relationship. Now all members of the family are full of health, strength, optimism and faith in the future.

Of course, the Maya parents admit that not alwaysIt turns out to stick to a diet (for example, at the wedding of relatives or while traveling), but at other times they try to take food in containers with them. In general, all members of the family try to maintain a healthy diet: drink freshly squeezed juices, daily use of vegetable salads, fruits and vegetables.

And a few months ago the family moved from their native Poland to Thailand, where all the year round there are products they need for a healthy diet.


of course, Be a vegetarian Is not easy, but living with eczema is much more difficult. The health of children - that's what motivates this family to always go to the end!

Be sure to tell your friends how to resist difficulties and not give up even in case of serious illnesses. Be always healthy!