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Fish against depression

Since childhood, parents have been telling us about the benefits of fish dishes. In them there is a lot of easily digestible protein and there are all irreplaceable Amino acids For building cells. And also there are vitamins a and d in a large amount - they interfere with the development of rickets and strengthen the bones.

In addition, the fish have fluoride, iodine, bromine, phosphorus,Potassium, calcium, sodium and many other elements. And for adult fish is very useful, because it helps to prevent many diseases that are characteristic of the older generation.

In addition, scientists from China have proved that fish in the diet can prevent depression! Fish diet Reduces the risk of this disease in 5 times.

Red fish

Fish against depression

According to the results of a study conductedMedical college of Qingdao University, fish in the diet reduces the risk of depression by 20% in the male part of the population and by 16% in women. 150,000 people participated in the experiment.

Omega-3 fatty acids, Which are contained in fish, increase the level of dopamine and serotonin. Because of their shortage, a depressed state may appear.

A large number of omega-3 acids are present in fatty fish species, such as Herring, mackerel, salmon And many others. Also prevents the depression of protein, which is rich in fish dishes.

The problem of depression is now very relevant. Every year about 120 million people suffer from it. This issue has not only been taken up by Chinese scientists.

Their Spanish colleagues say that preventing depression will help Mediterranean diet. While you need to use olive oil,Vegetables, fruits, cereals and in small doses red wine. But scientists in Britain do not recommend eating foods with preservatives. They have a bad influence not only on physical health, but also on the mental.

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