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Eggs in Scotch

Eggs in Scotland do not have anything to do with Scotland. This is British snack, Which terribly fell in love with ordinary English: egg-stuffed burgers can be found not only in cafes and restaurants - semi-finished products of this famous delicacy is even in supermarkets.

If you like healthy foods that are high in protein, this recipe is very welcome. "so simple!" Offers you to bake eggs in Scotch in the oven, which will reduce the calorie content of the snack, which is usually fried in deep fat. With fresh vegetables and hot sauce, these nutritious Meat cutlets Will be the trump card on any table!

Scotch eggs


  • 600 g of pork or ground beef
  • 5 eggs
  • 50 g of butter
  • ground black pepper
  • salt
  • Chopped herbs - parsley, dill, thyme (at your discretion)
  • coriander
  • 1 tsp. Lemon juice
  • Bread crumbs, ground walnuts or oat bran for breading


  1. Broth 4 eggs and chill them in cold water. There are different versions of this recipe: you can use steeply brewed eggs for a cold snack and soft-boiled eggs for a hot appetizer with flowing yolk. Choose what you like best!

    In mincemeat add salt, spices and chopped greens to your taste - the way you usually make cutlets. Form of minced meat 4 balls, adhering to the proportion: 130 g minced meat per 1 egg.

    Scotch eggs

  2. Wrap the peeled eggs in minced meat, having formed cutlets.
    Scotch eggs
  3. Roll the cutlets in a whipped egg yolk (if desired, squirrel), then dunk them in breading. It is best to use ground walnuts or peanuts for breading.
    Scotch eggs
  4. Put the cutlets in a form, covered with foil or on a baking tray. Bake eggs Scotch for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
    Scotch eggs
  5. Delicious dish with hot sauce. Mix yolk, 50 g of butter, 3 tbsp. L. Water, salt and pepper. Wash the sauce in a water bath, stirring it thoroughly.
    Scotch eggs
  6. Try both a hot and a cold version of this dish. This yummy must still be looked for ...
    Scotch eggs

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