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What to do if your lower back aches

There is no specific treatment for this scourge - when Back pain All methods are good. Many doctors advise to strengthen the muscles of the back, doing special physical exercises. Some believe that, on the contrary, you need complete rest and limitation of motor activity for a while.

Warming ointments, compresses, acupuncture - those who suffer from problems with the lower back, all this is so familiar ... try to go the other way. Stop doing what is used, and The pain will recede!!

What to do if the loin hurts

  1. Stop waiting for the pain to go away by itself
    If the back whining for the second week - it's time to goto the doctor. We are accustomed to delay until the last moment this unpleasant campaign, and this is wrong. Noticed pain, which is not the first time appearing in the lumbar region, - go to a specialist, do not aggravate the problem.
  2. Stop "curing" your back
    If you like to apply heat or, conversely,Ice to the suffering back - quit this occupation. Home procedures you can hurt yourself! Heat or cold can temporarily relieve pain, but do not solve the problem at the root. Best advise the doctor, timely treatment is the key to success.
  3. Weight lifting
    You understand perfectly well that the back will then beHurt a week, but still grab for the hard? Learn to control the desire to do everything yourself. Remember that you should never lift something that weighs more than 5 kg. Accept the help of others with joy! If you lift the weights at work and at the same time suffer from back pain - think about changing your profession.
  4. Watch the slope
    Sharp inclinations forward and downward provoke displacement of vertebrae. Do not make sharp movements if you observe problems with your back. Tilt gradually, better - using a support.
  5. Train your back
    Training your back muscles - it's very useful. Good posture, lack of pain, a tight figure - some pluses! Consult with your doctor and he will prescribe the right exercises that fit your back perfectly. Exercise therapy is the best way out!
  6. Do not slouch!
    Stoop - a common cause of back pain. If you're used to sitting in the wrong position, do not be surprised that the back is outraged. Correctly organize your place at home and at work to avoid stoop.
  7. Forget the diagnosis
    If the doctor can not give you an accurate diagnosis,Focus on the measures that will prevent the occurrence of pain. It happens that the pain is called nonspecific and no one can determine its cause. In this case, strengthen your back, monitor your health in a comprehensive way, and everything will be wonderful!

At pains in a loin the doctor will appoint or nominate preparations,Which improve blood supply and restore nerve tissue. Also the expert can advise to be engaged in certain exercises not only for strengthening of a back, but also for training of muscles of an abdominal press. Do not run yourself, pay attention to the pain in time - it's a signal to the fact that it's time to change something in life.

Having told about this article to your friends, you will remind them that it is the last thing to endure pain.