/ How to normalize a hormonal background

How to normalize the hormonal background

Hormones Play an important role in the life of each person. It depends on them our weight, height, structure and volume of hair, breast size, skin type and even mood.

Despite the fact that hormones - invisible to the eyeSubstance, their effect on the body is enormous. For example, if a woman has a "failure in the system," the consequences can result in irritability, fatigue and even an unnoticeable addition of extra pounds.

Fortunately, if you follow these 5 rules, you can not only keep the level of hormones in the norm, but also lose weight!!

How to normalize the hormonal background

  1. Sleep in a cool room
    If you are used to sleeping in a warm room with dry air, and besides also under a warm blanket - then you risk not only Overheat, But also disturb sleep.

    The whole point is that, feeling uncomfortable, you will try to open up and, more likely, wake up. And in this case, together with sleep, you risk disrupting the production Hormone leptin, Which is responsible for controlling appetite and weight.

    To avoid changes in the level of hormones,Try before going to bed set the thermostat to a lower level or to ventilate the room well. In the cold season you can try to sleep with a slightly opened window (as an option - leave it open in another room).

    The woman is sleeping

  2. Do not break the diet
    Even if there is a huge temptation to eatSomething forbidden, try to overcome it. Diet is considered the best way to normalize the hormonal background without the use of hormone-containing drugs.
    healthy food
  3. Give up caffeine
    Try to replace the daily intake of coffee more useful habit. The fact is that caffeine increases production Cortisol - a stress hormone. And this means that the more coffee you consume, the more nervous and irritable you become.
  4. Avoid the sweet during pms
    The closer "women's days", the more we girls want chocolate.

    Try to overcome this temptation by replacing the treat with fresh or dry fruits. They contain enough magnesium, which the female body needs so much during the pms.


  5. Do not shy away from exercise
    Physical loads have a double advantage: first, they accelerate the metabolic process, and secondly, they increase the production Endorphins - hormones that improve mood and strengthen immunity.

    For more motivation and pleasure, try to listen to music while studying, so you raise the production of another hormone - Serotonin.


If the hormones are normal - a woman feels more confident, attractive and even much younger! Do not hesitate to seek qualified help when necessary.

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