/ How to remove corn

How to remove corn

Annoying calluses - not at all a problem. Enough to give a little time to home care for the skin of the legs, and it will become velvety and tender, and the corns will disappear.

The means that we offer help even inThe most neglected cases: when it seems that the coarsened ugly skin will remain so forever. Uncomfortable heels, overweight, improperly selected shoes and even rachiocampsis - the causes of the appearance of unpleasant corns and corns.

The earlier you deal with their treatment, the better, because old calluses are more difficult to remove. Check the shelves in the kitchen and in the pantry: everything that you need is probably already in the house!

Before removing any dry calluses or corns, walk along the problem area with pumice stone or a special nail file. This will increase the effectiveness of the natural remedy.

How to remove corn

  1. garlic
    Garlic softens the skin, kills bacteria and fungus, because it contains a natural antiseptic! Crush 3-4 cloves of garlic, mix them with 1 tbsp. L. Olive oil and apply on the corn.

    It is best to do it overnight for 7-10 days. After applying the garlic paste tightly zabintuy problematic place.


  2. bow
    With fresh onion or onion juice, callus, bandage the leg.

    After 10 days of such a daily procedure, corn will be very easy to remove - rough skin will become thinner and supple.


  3. vinegar
    Wet the cotton swab in the vinegar and apply it to the diseased skin area. On the adhesive paste. After 3 hours you can repeat the procedure.

    Vinegar disinfects the skin of the legs, has an antifungal effect and helps to quickly remove corns. If the corn is not too thick, the vinegar will cope with it for a couple of days of such manipulations!

  4. Lemon + aspirin
    6 tablets of aspirin pound with a little lemon juice. Put this mixture on the corn or natoptysh, wrap the leg with food film or wrap it in a regular plastic bag.

    Apply a hot compress - cloth or gauze moistened in hot water over the film. Just 15 minutes for effective exposure. Remove the film, wash the paste, rub the callus with pumice stone.

    Small calluses are removed from the first time withHelp this superfood! For corns more need repetition: you can carry out these manipulations at least every day until the disappearance of coarse skin.

  5. Castor oil
    Rub the corns or corns with castor oil in the morning and evening, and they will disappear after two weeks.

    Castor oil is a wonderful preventative remedy, it is well used to prevent the appearance of calluses.


  6. chamomile
    For softening the hard skin, relaxing the legs andPain relief in injured places it is recommended to make a bath with the decoction of a medicinal plant. Prepare a hot infusion of 4 tbsp. L. Dry chamomile and a liter of water.

    A warm bath for 30 minutes will create a real miracle with your feet, the skin will become noticeably tender. If you are not too lazy and do this trick every evening, no trampling will be terrible for you.


  7. Tomato wrap
    Tomato gruel also helps to soften the skin and gradually remove calluses. Apply the tomato pulp on the hardened area, wrap it in a film.

    You can apply a hot compress on top, and you can do without it. After an hour wash off the tomato mask and rub the skin with pumice stone.


comfortable shoes And timely foot care will help you prevent the appearance of calluses. After any manipulation of the skin, always apply a softening cream on the legs. But the best course, of course, is the usual butter!!

Oil your feet with plenty of oil, give himAlmost completely absorbed. Then put on your socks and go to sleep. Do not convey in words how tender the skin will become if you do so for only 2 weeks! Take it in your habit.

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