/ How to cook grilled chicken?

How to cook a grilled chicken

Cook grilled chicken at home Everyone can! And nothing tastes better than such a chicken at home, can not be - there is the opportunity to pick up your favorite spices and fry the chicken to the optimum state.

Grilled chicken is cooked in different ways: in the oven, on a spit, on a skewer from under a shish kebab and even on a beer bottle. There is an option cooking chicken in the microwave.

We suggest you try Cook a bird in a saucepan, Using one tricky trick. It turns out to be extremely simple in execution, but insanely tasty dish!

How to cook a grilled chicken

  1. First, pickle the whole chicken using a suitable set of spices. Cut the carcass with a sharp knife so that the marinade gets inside and flavor the meat.

    Crush several cloves of garlic, mix them withVegetable oil, red and black pepper, thyme, coriander, dry parsley and dill. Do not be shy and lavish the chicken with a marinade, especially the meat under the skin. Excess spices will be removed when frying.

  2. Whole chicken

  3. Fold 5-6 thick balls of foil and place them on the bottom of the pan. Balls of foil will help the chicken to be fried evenly, creating the effect of a ten grill.
  4. Foil in a saucepan

  5. Place the chicken over the aluminum balls. Cook the dish on a small fire. The grilled chicken will be ready in 3-4 hours, it all depends on its size. This is a long time, but the poultry meat will be fried evenly and to taste will not yield to a purchased grilled chicken!
  6. Chicken grill Photo

This way of cooking chicken is my favorite! Try to do so once, and you will lose all desire to buy a grilled chicken - the home is much tastier.

Chicken grill Photo

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