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"Melitka" salad

Salad "whisk", or, as it is still called,"Brush", has been very popular for many years. What's so special about this simple, at first glance, dish? The secret lies in its useful ingredients, among which beet - the source of all sorts of useful vitamins and minerals.

Let the "whisk" looks far from exquisite and exotic does not differ, but this salad is a godsend for those who want Cleanse the body And even a little lose weight. There are many options for its preparation, so we will introduce you not only to the classic recipe.

Classic recipe for salad "whisk"

Lettuce salad

Chop fresh cabbage and grated sodium on the graterBeets and carrots - in a ratio of 3: 1: 1. Remember the vegetables, so they let the juice, and fill with a small amount of lemon juice. If desired, add crushed garlic for piquancy. Can be filled with a small amount of natural vegetable oil, especially recommended linseed. Salt the salad is not necessary.

Take into account: with a reduced acidity of the stomach, fresh cabbage is better to replace the sauerkraut.

Other recipes for salad "panicle"

  1. Except the classic recipe is very commonVersion of "panicle" with the addition of sour apple. If you like dried fruits, then you can vary the salad by adding crushed dried apricots and prunes to the vegetables - they also help to clean the intestines and are generally very useful.
  2. But as you like Festive vegetable "panicle"? To the classic dish add garlic, greekWalnut, pepper and salt. Raw cabbage can be replaced with sauerkraut. Such a salad is not a shame to put on a festive table, and after a meal there is no feeling of overeating.
  3. Salad "whisk" can be prepared and the followingPrescription: take 40 g of cabbage, 200 g of red beets and carrots, 1 tbsp. L. Lemon juice and 1/2 cup pine nuts. Beets and carrots, as in the classic recipe, sodium on a medium grater, and cabbage finely cut. Pine nuts crushed in a blender, then add a spoonful of lemon juice and mix everything thoroughly. Mix all the vegetables and season them with lemon-nut sauce.

For more than one year in a row this dish has been called "Salad for weight loss". And salad also favorably affects the intestinal microflora and promotes its purification. Such a simple salad, and sweeps out all the most harmful from the body!

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