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Senile Dementia

Weakening of mental abilities In old age - sad, but severeA reality for a huge number of people. Who personally heard a disappointing diagnosis, and who on his shoulders lay the care of his native man, suffering from senile dementia ...

Causes of senile dementia

Senile dementia

Still academician Bekhterev (an outstanding scientist,Devoted himself to the study of the human brain) said that the happiness to die without losing the mind on the roads of life will be given to only 20% of people. The rest, alas, turning into embittered senile mathematicians or naive overage children, will become a burden for their loved ones.

Causes of senile dementia

To get into the future in these cherished 20%,You need to start acting now. The problem is that with age we begin to be banally lazy, arguing with iron: "I have worked my own (I have finished, I have finished studying), I have had a lot of trouble, it's time to rest!"

Intellectual loads are reduced to solvingScanwords, television replaces books, interest in the hobby disappears ... the primary tasks: to sleep and have enough to eat. The more a person calms down, the more he harms himself.

Causes of senile dementia

Who are at risk of dementia

Senile dementia of the brain Most of all threatens those who in the process of life do notChanges its settings. Excessive principledness, stubbornness, conservatism will lead to dementia rather than flexibility, the ability to adapt to the situation, emotionality and curiosity. The famous lines: "the main thing, guys, do not get old in heart!" - just about that.

Causes of senile dementia

It is extremely difficult to accurately track when dementia occurs. Because it's not crazy, not a deviation in the psyche and not a disease. Dementia does not come suddenly, but progresses over the years.

exist Indirect prerequisites, Indicating that you need to urgently tackle your brain.

  1. Painful perception of criticism, excessive resentment.
  2. Unwillingness to learn something new. For example, a person would rather agree to repair an old phone than to deal with new equipment.
  3. Difficulties with concentration of attention: it became difficult to perceive serious literature, and the reading is easily forgotten.
  4. If reading is easy, if the movie is entertaining ... why strain?
  5. Excessive egocentrism: a person is firmly convinced that others should adapt to him and not otherwise.
  6. Frequent attacks of nostalgia for the old days.

Causes of senile dementia

These, it would seem, grains with time can give fertile ground for Development of dementia in old age. So you always need to find time (and want!) Learn something new, do not cease to be surprised and look at the world through the eyes of an inquisitive student who wants to understand the nature of things. Keep your brain in tone!

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