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Snack "Christmas balls"

Experimenting with appetizers for a festive table is endless: canapes, rolls, sandwiches ... the fantasy of the hostesses in the design of dishes knows no bounds! Appetizer "Christmas balls", Which today recommends cooking "so simple!", Is prepared quickly and does not require special financial costs. But what a spectacular she is in the pitch!

New Year balls of appetizer

Appetizer "Christmas balls"


  • 300 g chicken breast
  • 200 g of hard cheese
  • 1/2 tbsp. Walnuts
  • Garlic to taste
  • Small bunch of dill
  • Several olives
  • Mayonnaise to taste
  • Korean carrots for decoration (optional)


  1. Chicken breast broth in salted water until cooked and finely cut.
  2. Sodium cheese on a fine grater. Greens finely cut. Walnuts chop, garlic let through the press.
  3. Mix the cheese, chicken, greens, garlic and season with mayonnaise.
  4. From the received mass roll balls, roll them in a nut crumb.
  5. Olives cut across to make "fastenings", and "loops" made from greens.
  6. One more variant of registration: roll balls in greens and decorate with stripes of Korean carrots. In this case, just mix the nuts with the rest of the ingredients.

Unusual appearance, Simple set of products, Ease of preparation and excellent taste - what else do you need for a successful meal? Perhaps these original snacks will also be the highlight in your collection of recipes!