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The Hockley Method

For most urban residents backache - a familiar phenomenon. It is surprising that the tribes living in close proximity to nature do not face such a problem at all. While Aborigines can spend hours hard physical labor and at the same time remain healthy ...

An interesting fact interested specialist in integrative medicine Ester gaulee, Which began to study the characteristics of back painAmong people all over the world. After long observations, she found out that the Aboriginal vertebra is similar to the letter j, while ours can be compared with the letter s!

With five simple exercises, the doctor changed her Form of the spine, And the pain in the back disappeared forever.


  1. Rotate your shoulders
    Most often when sitting and walking our shoulders are slightly pushed forward. Lift your shoulders, take them back, then lower them, performing a rotational movement. It is important to perform the exercise smoothly, slowly.
  2. Lengthen the spine
    Straighten, take a deep breath, pull up. After exhalation, again inhale and stretch even higher. It is important to fix the previous height.
  3. Straining buttocks while walking
    Every time you take a step, squeeze your buttocks. Tight muscles will support the back.
  4. Lower your chin
    When we lift the chin, the neck muscles are squeezed from behind. Chin should be kept parallel to the floor.
  5. Do not sit upright
    From childhood we were told to sit up straight,It turns out that the back can bend in the wrong direction. So that the back does not hurt, the chest should be pushed forward with the help of rotational movements of the shoulders.

If you stick to these simple rules, you will notice how the pain will gradually disappear. These exercises will also help Cheer up And improve your appearance.

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