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Chicken Balyk

Usual chicken fillet Easy to turn into a really delicious and fragrant balyk!

"so simple!" Offers you the best recipe for domestic snack meat. Such balyk will be good for holidays, and for a daily table. I did not think there was such an excellent option for cooking chicken ...

Chicken balyk


  • 3 chicken fillets (approximately 500 g)
  • 250 g of coarse salt
  • 1 tbsp. L. Mixture of peppers
  • 50 ml of cognac


  1. Wash the chicken breasts and wipe dry. Mix salt, pepper and cognac.

    Cut chicken fillets into thin slices if you want to get a more sharp and rich taste. You can leave the fillets as a whole piece, it all depends on your preferences.

    Balyk from chicken

  2. If desired, you can add fragrant herbs to marinade: Provan grasses, thyme, basil and even a crushed laurel leaves will do. Cognac can be replaced with rum, whiskey or brandy.

    Place the fillet in a closed form, greasing the marinade generously on all sides. Put meat for a day in the fridge.

  3. Get the meat of their refrigerator and the promysh from the spices, wipe well. Wrap the fillet in gauze or a towel and put it on for another day in the fridge.
  4. Enjoy the seasoned taste House balyk!! If you do not know that balyk cooked from chicken fillet, it can easily be confused with a weak salting fish: very delicate and fragrant pieces are obtained ...
    Chicken balyk photo

Bon Appetit! Keep ready chicken balyk in the fridge and treat them to friends on occasion, you want to share such a yummy ...