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How to monitor your health

Remembering some of the signs Serious diseases, You can easily follow yourself. Do not run the situation - if the body indicates any problems, you should immediately carry out the diagnosis.

Going to the doctor will not be superfluous if you notice one of these 10 symptoms. It is especially important to monitor Condition of hair, Eyebrows, eyelashes ...

Women are already doing this from aestheticConsiderations, but in this case the matter is different. Hormonal disorders, infections, disruptions in the work of internal organs - the causes of these unpleasant phenomena. Prepare to carefully follow yourself!


Signs of disease

  1. Yellow or reddened sclera
    A sign of an allergy, a malfunction in the liver. Sometimes the yellowness of the sclera can indicate even hepatitis!
  2. Baldness of eyebrows
    A true symptom of problems with the thyroid gland. It is necessary to hand over analyzes and to consult at the endocrinologist.
  3. Irregular shape of the nails, inflammation in the nail
    Lack of vitamins, nutrients. Sometimes it can hint at the onset of a fungal infection.
  4. Red face
    Speaks about problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as about hormonal changes.
  5. Stains on the palms - red and crimson
    This indicates liver disease. Immediately consult a doctor!
  6. Early gray
    Indicates not only a genetic predisposition. Early gray hair is a sign of the onset of diabetes and a breakdown in the work of the nervous system.
  7. Dry lips
    Lack of vitamin a, c, zinc. Fungal infection and herpes is a serious reason to go to a specialist, instead of sitting at home and being treated with ointment. Herpes is talking about a decrease in immunity against the background of infection, if it appeared - the time to take tests!
  8. Bloated neck
    Swelling in the neck - a sign of problems with the thyroid. Swelling of the throat in infections can manifest earlier than acute pain.
  9. New birthmarks
    So as not to miss the important moment of degeneration of a normal birthmark into skin cancer, constantly check with a doctor - at an early stage this disease is curable.
  10. Cold feet and hands
    This sign speaks of problems with blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

How many diseases can be cured on time, ifNotice their characteristic signs! Watch yourself to prevent trouble. Show this information to your friends - remind them how important it is to pay attention to your state of health and appearance.