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Scrambled eggs in a lid

Such a breakfast will create an iridescent mood for the whole day! If you do not have special Molds for fried eggs In the form of a circle, we suggest replacing them with conventional covers. Sounds strange, but the result is very decent!

To make a neat scrambled eggs, you will need a deep lid with a cut-off bottom, kitchen tongs or a spatula, butter, frying pan and egg.

Round fried eggs

Fried eggs in a lid

Such round fried eggs Very convenient to use for sandwiches! It turns out really appetizing ... see a short video about how to cook the scrambled eggs of your dreams!

I found several Lids from cans for jam And cut off the bottom in them. Such a kitchen appliance will not be superfluous: you never know when you want to please someone close to a delicious and tempting-looking dish ...

If you are inspired by our idea, gladly let your friends know about it! They also like it.