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How to decorate cake with mastic

Here there is no magic! This amazing beauty dessert can be made by own hands. So spectacular Cake "rose" Will suit absolutely for any celebration: from the birthday to the wedding.

Cake rose

How to decorate cake with mastic

mastic Is a plastic sweet mass, which inHome conditions are most often made from marshmallow, gelatin or powdered milk mixed with powdered sugar. In modern confectionery art, mastic has no equal for the convenience of decorating cakes and desserts. Work with it as easily as with plasticine!

You will need

  • Biscuit cakes, cooked according to a favorite recipe
  • Oil cream
  • Confectionery mastic
  • Sharp knife
  • Kitchen spatula
  • board
  • Cutting molds
  • Circles for fixing cake

Do you want to learn Decorating cakes As a professional? Then rather see the master class.

Homemade cakes always turn out tastier than factory cakes, and now they will be more beautiful! A little practice, and with the help of sugar mastic you can create a breathtaking kind of sweet masterpieces.

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