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Diabetic okra against diabetes

Okra refers to exotic annual herbaceous plants. This is not yet popular in our vegetable is widely used in cooking, for example, in the US. Also okra, Lady fingers, Or gombo, as it is called, is now widely cultivated in European countries. This plant has a lot of useful properties, which are due to its richest chemical composition.

Bamiyu recommends the use of ayurveda as a toning, rejuvenating and stimulating food. As the plant includes folic acid, This vegetable is recommended to include in the diet of pregnant and lactating women.

Properties of okra


Recently, an international team of scientists came to the conclusion that okra is also very useful for Treatment of diabetes mellitus. It was found that regular use inThe food of this vegetable is able to change the activity of genes responsible for the development of this dangerous disease. Studies show that in the future it is possible to use okra as a basis for developing a drug from diabetes mellitus.

While medicines from okra still do not, you can make water based on it, which will help you Reduce blood sugar Without the use of insulin and other drugs. The fact is that okra slows the absorption of sugar in the intestines due to the high fiber content.

How to cook water based on okra

You need to insist this vegetable in a glass of water during the night and drink it the next morning.

Also, okra can reduce the risk of developingCancer, especially colon cancer. Water based on okra helps relieve depression. In addition, okra will help cure sore throat, ulcers and even some infections of the lungs, because it has the property of reducing inflammation.

Thanks to this discovery, many people will be able to get rid of insulin dependence and it is easier to tolerate diabetes. Share this incredible information with your friends!