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How to chew food correctly

There is a way not only to lose weight quickly, but alsoImprove your health. The secret is to chew food for a long time! It may seem stupid, but in fact everything is logical. If you follow our recommendations, you can reduce your weight by 10 kg without any diets for 3 months.

When chewing food is given enough time, a person does not overeat. In addition, this contributes to the normalization of processes Digestion. Having learned about all the advantages of this easy technique, it's hard to refrain from trying it ...

How to chew food correctly

  1. Careful chewing food reduces caloric intake.
    You need less food to satisfy hunger, which means you'll eat less calories. This is a simple scheme of healthy weight loss without severe restrictions in nutrition.
  2. Well chewed food of vegetable origin is more delicious.
    The longer you chew, the more intense the taste! People who are accustomed to eat on the run and swallow big chunks of food, just do not know the true taste of many products. You have a chance to find out ...
  3. Chewed many times the food is quickly and easily digested.
    The process of digestion will become easy, you neverYou will feel heaviness in the stomach after eating, stop overeating and stretching the stomach. Well-assimilated foods will fill your body with energy and nutrients, which is important for health. Because what is badly chewed, almost not digested!
  4. You will feel better in a week of such an experiment.
    Attentive chewing food - preventionAny problems with the stomach, gastritis and colitis; Also this is a good prevention of periodontal disease. The stomach will cease to be too heavily loaded, and much effort will be released to restore the body. Fatigue as a hand will remove!

Not in vain parents in our childhood taught us well Chew on food!! Knowing this secret, you will forever forget about problems with excess weight. Eat slowly, without getting distracted from the process of eating - do not read while eating, do not watch TV.

Try not to wash down the food: It does not have a good effect on digestion, it is better to drink 15 minutes before meals or 15 minutes after. Of course, try to choose healthy food, rich in fiber, because this and chew nicer! Fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meat - this is The basis of the diet For everyone who cares about their health.

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