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Juicy chicken breast

If unexpected guests with one foot are already standing on the threshold, the best way out is to cook Chicken breast For blitzkrecept from "so simple!". Do not have time to look back, as juicy, tender and fragrant meat will be displayed on the table!

Chicken breast in a microwave oven

Armed with this recipe, you can Bake meat Though every day! And a variety of menus sauces and side dishes.

Juicy chicken breast


  • 350 g chicken fillet
  • salt
  • Favorite spices, for example, curry or Provence herbs


  1. The chicken breast is washed and drained.
  2. Salting, pepper and sodium spices to taste.
  3. Put the fillet in sleeve for baking, Tying it not too tightly.
  4. Cook in the microwave at maximum power 5-7 minutes. Do not overeat meat to avoid excessive dryness.

On a garnish to such meat the salad from fresh vegetables is perfect. Fast and light dinner ready: bon appetit!

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