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Heel Hurt

Sooner or later, they dream of flaunting in beautiful new heels on a hairpin. But not always what a person likes, is useful to him. Including high heels.

Unfortunately, many women are aware of theirHealth, but nevertheless stubbornly do not want to switch to lower and comfortable shoes. If you put your body under stress every day, putting on a high heel - find out what happens to your feet when you take your shoes off.

Heel damage

First, consider the natural positionfeet. When walking a man first comes on the heel, and then quickly transfers the weight of the body to the toe. In the heels it becomes impossible and the principle of walking changes to the exact opposite. Studies have shown that frequent Wearing heels Leads to unnatural pressure on the feet (when carrying weight from heels to socks), and this is one of the reasons for the weakened muscles of the shank and the reduction of the Achilles tendon.

After this, if a person starts walking barefoot, this tendon is under enormous pressure, at risk of rupturing.

High heel shoes

Women who wear heels are waiting for such dangers:

  1. Back pain due to the shift of the center of gravity forward.
  2. Weakened Achilles tendons and muscles of lower leg.
  3. Ugly growths and deformities of the joints.
  4. Numbness in the fingers.
  5. The occurrence of osteoarthritis due to pressure on the knee joints.

Heel damage

If you for some reason can not To give up heels - try to reduce their harm on the body with simple exercises: stretch in the evenings of the foot or, sitting in a chair, bend and unbend legs, helping the calf muscles to stay toned.

What shoes do you prefer to wear? Share with your friends these simple tips - let them watch their health!