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How to stop hair loss

If you know the problem of hair loss, you will be extremely surprised: this phenomenon can be stopped without using special shampoos, masks and gels.

For a start, we'll figure it out Causes of alopecia, Which is observed both in men and inWomen. Most often, this hormonal failure caused by pregnancy or metabolic disorders, or unnecessary stress and physical stress, which affects the whole body.

Hair begins to fall out, when we have a higher testosterone level, too much vitamin A, and also with a sudden Weight loss.

The body reacts to abnormal circumstances likeKnows how, and more hair remains on the hairbrush ... in this situation, the main task is to restore the balance of hormones. It's possible, just change your food!


The main idea of ​​a diet against baldness is to eatSo that the nervous system is normal. There are a number of products that increase the level of serotonin in the blood and help to relieve stress. It is necessary to include them in your daily diet.

How to stop hair loss

  1. It is a bowl of warm oatmeal with fruit and honey,Bananas, spinach and green leafy vegetables, fatty fish - salmon and tuna, nuts and seeds, avocado, citrus. Do not allow unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  2. If this is an integral part of your life, it makes sense to consult a doctor and take Soothing agents On a plant basis, for example, an extract of valerian.
  3. Except anti-stress diet, are recommendedHealthy sports loads. They will strengthen the nervous system and bring the hormones in order. Very useful squats, jogging, swimming in the pool. In the case of baldness, it is especially important to remember how strongly all the body systems are linked together, and to try to maintain health in a complex way.
  4. To prevent an excess of vitamin A, from this meal it is better to refuse - it promotes hair loss. It's carrots, dried apricots, red bell peppers, liver, butter.
  5. Pay attention to squirrels! In your menu should be present a decent amount of foods with high protein content. It is very good if it is a vegetable protein - beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas.
  6. Hereditary predisposition to baldness and hormonal Age problems - nevertheless one of the most widespread reasons of this misfortune. To reduce the amount of hair loss, you should stick to a diet rich in omega-3 acids.
  7. Avocado, flaxseed, fatty fish, oliveOil - what you need! Use pumpkin seeds, rich in zinc, - this element contributes to the health of the scalp and strengthens the hair bulbs. Zinc is also found in peas, beef, veal, liver, wheat germ.

Sleep enough time, more beIn the open air, eat properly, and your body will shine with health! Lost hair will start to grow again, it is worth bringing the hormones in order. Tell your friends about how important it is to eat properly if hair falls out.