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Damage to radiation from a mobile phone

In the xxi century it is impossible to imagine life without mobile phone. Almost everyone has it. Every year this device becomes more intelligent and useful.

Doctors of the Russian organization "health league"Nations "warn that mobile devices can be dangerous to health. To refuse gadgets it is not necessary, it is just necessary to know how to minimize the risk of negative consequences.


Harm mobile

"Basically modern phones negatively affect the nervous, endocrine and sexual systems", - says Nikolai Kononov, vice-president of the organization "League of Health of the Nation".

Biological effect Electromagnetic field accumulates. In tsns there are deviations and diseases develop. For example, cancer of the blood, brain tumors and various hormonal diseases.

Electromagnetic waves are dangerous primarily for young children and pregnant women. So they should cut phone calls as much as possible.

"It's not worth to give up completely from mobile communication. But you should know that 70% of the total electromagnetic load the population receives through cellular "Says the Kononov.

What to do to minimize the risk of negative health effects?

Doctors of the "league of the nation's health" claim that it is betterFive conversations lasting one minute, than one long conversation. The shorter the communication on the phone, the better. Experts also say that the break between calls should be at least 12 minutes. Also recommend using a hands free headset.

They also remind us that the level Effects of radiation Decreases at a distance from the object. Bring the phone to your ear only when the connection appears. Receiving a call of the subscriber is the moment when the radiation reaches its peak. Wear a gadget away from vital organs, best of all in a bag, but not in your pocket.

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