/ / Refusal of gluten, sugar and coffee

Refusal of gluten, sugar and coffee

What do you think will happen to a person after he refuses gluten, sugar, Dairy products, Alcohol and coffee?

Do you think that eating will cease to bring pleasure? It's quite the opposite, and the story of a woman who refused these products for 21 days will confirm this.

Refusal of gluten, sugar and coffee

This summer I gave up gluten, sugar, dairy products, alcohol and coffee. And that's what I found out after 3 weeks.

  1. How to distinguish between real and emotional hunger
    Real hunger does not appear at once, it comesgradually. While emotional hunger appears at once and he wants to instantly quench. During the cleansing of the body, I stopped experiencing emotional hunger.
  2. Sugar is not my friend
    Even the one found in dried fruits. It causes such a strong dependence that you will even be ready to sell your soul for a piece of apple.
  3. Gluten stupefies my brain
    The morning after its use I felt a feeling,Similar to a hangover. And as a result, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on my work. Especially harmful processed gluten, which is contained in crackers or porridges.
  4. Tequila is the best choice of alcohol
    After this drink I felt much better than after drinking other alcoholic beverages, especially beer or wine.
  5. I need less sleep when I eat the right food
    I suspect that gluten, sugar and coffeeBreak my sleep and make a mess. Before cleaning, I needed 7-8 hours of sleep per day, whereas during cleansing and afterwards I need six to seven hours of rest.
  6. I have no pain
    Six months ago, I got into a car accident and periodically I suffered from pain in the neck and shoulders. But after I started cleaning the body, they disappeared completely.
  7. I fell in love with smoothies
    This is a very good way of eating vegetables, fruits and nuts for food. You should try it on yourself!
  8. Coffee makes me feel crazy
    After these 3 weeks I tried coffee and realized that it has a very negative effect on my body and health. So I try to completely replace it with water with a lemon.
  9. Cereals are not so useful
    I have problems with the digestion of most cereals-gluten-free or not. Quinoa is the only exception to this rule.
  10. To eat properly is not difficult
    It's just necessary to take a habit and give up frequent trips to restaurants, because it's difficult to find food that suits you.


Refusal of gluten, sugar, dairy products,Alcohol and coffee will make your life better. You will have much more energy, strength and a sense of ease. Be sure to try to abandon these products!