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4 items that cause cancer

My home is not always my fortress, because even in a secluded spot danger can lie in wait. In your home for certain there are items that can cause a lot of harm to your health.

Today "so simple!" Prepared for you a list of 4 very dangerous items that can cause very serious diseases, in particular - cancer. Carefully study this list and throw these things away!

air freshener

What causes cancer

  1. Air fresheners
    Most air fresheners are Carcinogens. Studies show that they can aggravate lung disease, especially asthma. Replace the usual air fresheners with conventional essential oils. They smell no worse!
  2. Candles
    A study was conducted, which revealed that 40% of the candles contain dangerous lead. Replace paraffin candles with natural waxes.
  3. Art materials
    Even in these seemingly innocuous things can contain carcinogens. For example, permanent markers contain substances that cause allergies and cancer.
  4. Shampoos
    Shampoos were included in this list not by chance, because most of them contain toxic chemicals. So it's better to replace them with your own production shampoo.

Protect yourself and listen to these tips. Although you can not buy health, but you will always have time to take precautions. Share this valuable information about cancer with your friends and girlfriends!