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Homemade Bars

Cereal bars, which are sold in the store,It is considered to be a useful snack. But having read carefully their composition, one can draw a disappointing conclusion: too much sugar and harmful food additives are present in this product!

A homemade cereal bar, on the contrary, it is easy to cook completely without sugar. Honey and peanut butter in this original recipe give a special taste to the delicacy. In 30 minutes everything is ready!

Home-made bars photo

Home-made bars


  • 3 tbsp. oatmeal
  • Any nuts, dried fruits
  • 1 tbsp. Air rice (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. Honey
  • 1.5 tbsp. Peanut butter
  • Melted chocolate for glaze

The process of preparing these wonderfulBars fascinating! So that they are more crispy, you can lightly fry oat flakes and nuts before preparing the sweets. Dried fruits are not necessarily an ingredient, but thanks to them you can experiment with tastes ...

Admires that these Energy bars Do not need to bake at all! It is enough to prepare oatmeal honey mass, lay it in a mold into a mold and let it freeze.

Cook appetizing Bars at home - my goal this weekend. You can always wear such a snack in your bag and treat your loved ones. This is a great idea for a healthy baby dessert!

Show this recipe to your friends, they will surely appreciate it!