/ How to improve posture

How to improve posture

Our posture reflects not only the physical, but also the state of mind. That it was correct, you need to work hard. We have prepared for you a step-by-step video with exercises that will help Strengthen the back muscles And bring you closer to a perfect posture. All you need is a great desire, perseverance and a little time.

Do It Exercises for beautiful posture Its a good habit!

How to improve posture

so, let's begin!

  1. Stand on your hands and knees. And stretch in all directions. Stretch the spine in all sorts of directions. These movements are needed to strengthen the muscles located along the spine.
  2. Get up on your feet and balance. Doing exercises on balance, you strengthen many small muscles of your body. When they are evenly developed, it is easier for a person to keep the body in the right position.
  3. Use the muscles of the bark. We all know that Strong cortical muscles Is a pledge of a healthy back and good posture. Train the central part of the body to create a solid foundation around the spine. It's best to do this with stretching exercises, like in a video recording.
  4. Relax the hips and tendons. Perform exercises to relax the thighs and tendons. Legs and hips are responsible for how you stand, you sit and move. In a sitting condition, the ligament of the muscles of the anterior part of the thigh and the hip joint tendon are in a weakened state and are capable of being enslaved. So they need to be stretched.

if you want to Have a good bearing, You need to set in motion all parts of the body. How to do it right, you can view it in a video.

Do these exercises every day, and you will be delighted with how your posture changes for the better.

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