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Sesame Milk

"How to stop eating?" - this is the joke question my friend asked meAfter New Year's holidays. The marathon of gluttony has corrupted us, because you want all the most delicious, especially desserts ... however, we loved the sweet from childhood and were literally obsessed with the desire to find a mother hidden in the cupboard chocolate.

To cope with this harmful thrust, it turns out, will help Useful sesame!! Its seeds are kept in large quantitiesCalcium, which is easily absorbed by the body. Where does the sweet, our dear reader ask? The fact is that the body asks for sweets when it lacks calcium!

In nature, calcium is sweet to taste, if plantedA strawberry in the soil, rich in calcium, it will be very sweet ... I present to you an exclusive recipe of sesame milk. One glass of this drink a day will strengthen the bones, improve the whole body, help to cope with the problem of overeating and a frenzied craving for desserts!

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Sesame milk


  • 100 g unbaked sesame
  • 2 tsp. Honey
  • 1 liter of water


  1. From evening, soak sesame in cold water for 7-8 hours. In some recipes it is allowed to soak for 1-2 hours, but our milk will turn out much more delicious if the sesame will stay in the water longer.
    Sesame milk is good and bad
  2. Drain the water, a little wash the seeds. Add honey and about a glass of water. Start grinding the grains in the blender until homogeneity.

    Honey, by the way, is absolutely an optional ingredient: it can be replaced by several dates, and it is possible to prepare milk without the sweetener at all.

    Sesame milk reviews

  3. Share the remaining water and once more mix the milk blender.
    Sesame milk
  4. Milk should not be too thick, the density can be adjusted by adding water. A great idea is to add a pinch of vanillin to the milk!
    How to cook sesame milk
  5. Strain the mass through a strainer or gauze.
    Sesame milk
  6. Cake does not need to be thrown away: It can be added to baking, cook oatmeal cookies with sesame. It is possible to make sesame halva from a cake: just stir sesame puree with honey. It turns out awesome delicious!
    How to cook sesame milk
  7. Milk is obtained with a slight nutty taste,Soft, sweet. Such milk can be used to make cocoa, add it to coffee instead of regular milk, cook porridge on it ... it is insanely useful!
    How to cook sesame milk
  8. The scheme of taking sesame milk, in order to defeat cravings for sweets, is simple: 1 glass on an empty stomach in the morning, every day. In a week you will notice incredible positive changes!
    How to cook sesame milk

100 g of sesame will fill the daily requirementThe body in calcium! And this calcium is very easily digested. It is recommended to give sesame milk to children: I prepare my son such a milky banana cocktail. He likes it, and it is really useful for a growing organism whose bones require constant strengthening.

Look at this short video of the process of making sesame milk!

Sesame milk, recipe Which I learned not so long ago, completelyChanged my taste preferences! I do not want anything sweet, not even baked goods, in which I did not like the soul. It really works! In a month of such a healthy diet you simply do not recognize your body.

How to cook sesame milk

1 glass of sesame milk contains 7 times more calcium than a glass of regular milk. It's amazing! Share with your friends a useful recipe, they may not know about the existence of a miracle milk!