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Young potatoes in peel

A dish of potatoes Now you will not surprise anyone. But, believe me, banal potatoes can start to play completely new facets of taste, if you cook it according to the recipe from "so simple!".

Extraordinarily tender, fragrant and appetizing, it literally melts in your mouth ...

Young potatoes in peel

Young potatoes in peel


  • 1 kg of young potatoes (you can use ordinary potatoes)
  • 450 ml chicken broth
  • 100 g of butter
  • Salt, spices to taste


  1. Potatoes with a thoroughly clean brush, do not peel the peel. Lay the tubers in a deep frying pan and add broth to 3/4 of the potato height. Cook after boiling under the lid on minimum heat for 15 minutes.
  2. Tolkushkoy for potatoes (Or other flat object) press each tuber so that it is cracked, but not flattened.
  3. Add to the frying pan butter, Salt, spices and cook over moderate heat for another 10 minutes until the liquid is completely evaporated and the tubers are lightly blubbered. Turn the potatoes around, so that on the other hand they are also roasted.

Melting potatoes Ready!

Young potatoes in peel

It would seem, an ordinary dish, but what a performance! And additives to such potatoes choose already to your taste: chopped garlic, greens, sour cream - everything will come in handy.

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