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4 exercises for a beautiful body

Summer has passed, and women's swimsuits have already takenA decent place in the linen closet. Many representatives of the fair sex with a sigh of relief: finally you can afford a couple of pieces of the cake more, dinner after 18:00 and generally abandoned Correction exercises Until the next swimming season ...

All who act in this way, soon notice at least two unpleasant things: periodic back pain and problems with buttoning on jeans. If you want to have Strong and slender body Even after the end of the summer - start these exercises today!

Exercises for a beautiful body

  1. Mahi corpus
    The girl is lying on her back

    The initial position is lying on the back. Swing your legs together, knees bend and divide into the sides (butterfly posture). Hands stretch out your head and relax.

    Mahi corpus

    Divide your arms to the sides, pull them forward andTry to tear off the shoulders and torso from the floor. Keeping your back straight and not bending your elbows, try to reach out with your fingertips to your toes. Keeping elbows straightened, gently return the trunk and shoulders to the starting position. Repeat 6-10 times.

  2. Bar

    Accept the starting position: Lie down face down, leaning on forearms and elbows. Watch that the elbows are strictly under the shoulder level. Knees straight, toes on the floor. Squeeze the buttocks, pull the stomach, straighten the spine and lift the hips about 30 cm above the floor. The body must be rigid and straight from the heels to the shoulders. Try to keep this position as long as possible.

  3. Torsions

    Starting position: lying on the back, legs are brought together and raised upwards (perpendicular to the floor). Spread your hands to the sides and press them to the floor.


    Do not take your shoulders and hands off the floor, neatlyLower your legs together on the left side. Touch the left foot of the floor and, keeping the position of the shoulders and hands, move the legs through the top to the right side. Touch the right foot of the floor and return the legs to their original position. Repeat the traffic several times.

  4. Knees to elbows
    Lie on the floor

    Starting position: lying on the floor, hands stretched behind the head, hands and heels touch the floor.

    Knees to elbows

    Simultaneously pull your knees to your chest, and your elbows to your hips, tear your shoulders and buttocks from the floor. Touch the elbows of your knees. Pull the legs and hands back to the starting position. Repeat 6-10 times.

If the summer is over - do not let yourself slip, try Keep the body toned!! Surely your friends should also learn about these exercises. Share an article with them and tell them how to have a beautiful figure!