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How to cleanse the body with a lemon

Our body is in contact with a lot of toxins - chemicals that are in food, polluted with the air we breathe, and other everyday things.

Of course, it's quite difficult to change the environment, but it's real Remove harmful substances From the body. Especially since it is quite simple, because a lemon can be found in almost every home!

Offer your attention 9 ways to get rid of toxins and toxins with the help of the most popular citrus!

How to cleanse the body with lemon


  1. Start the day with smoothies
    Breakfast is the most important meal. The food with which you start your morning determines the metabolic rate during the day, and therefore sets the tone for the digestive system.

    Beginning the morning with smoothies, you provide your body with a full-fledged work. If you want to speed up the process of metabolism and get out of the body Toxins and wastes - add some smoothies to the smoothie juice or its zest.

  2. Add flavor to dishes
    Almost all dishes with the addition of lemon juice are getting tastier. The next time, instead of salting the dish, - better squeeze out a lemon slice.
  3. Make a tonic
    If the body needs a quick detoxification,Prepare a tonic: mix the juice of 1 lemon, ½ teaspoon of honey, add a pinch of pepper, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a little cold filtered water. This tonic should be drunk in the morning after waking up.
  4. Prepare a salad dressing yourself
    Instead of buying mayonnaise or otherDressing for salads, mix lemon juice, a little honey and olive oil. Season to taste, and you can safely use this mixture as a tasty and useful filling!
  5. Make a lemon paste
    If the skin suffers from an excess of toxins - make a simple paste consisting of only two ingredients. Mix lemon juice and turmeric until a thick, uniform mass and eat a little every morning on an empty stomach.
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  7. Drink lemon water
    A warm glass of lemon water is great for improving digestion and detoxification. If you do not like the taste of the drink - add a couple of slices of cucumber.
  8. Combine lemon and ginger
    The combination of lemon and ginger makes detoxification as effective as possible. It is especially useful to drink drinks with these products in the cold season and during the Epidemics of influenza.
  9. Drink tea with lemon
    If you like green or herbal tea, add to it a slice of lemon that will saturate the body with vitamin C and help to strengthen immunity.
  10. Add some fresh lemon juice
    If you like fresh, do not forget to add a little lemon juice to them. This will saturate the drink with useful vitamins and microelements.


speed up the process Detoxification Can many fruits and vegetables, but lemons oftenCalled the most effective in this matter. These fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, fiber and minerals that help to carry out detoxification at the cellular level and support the body in a tone.

If a high content of toxins makes youTired, weak, drowsy - use lemons! This will help not only to cleanse the body, but also to become healthier. Tell your friends how you can apply lemon for detoxification purposes. Strengthen the body before the onset of cold weather!