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10 killer plants

houseplants They are called to purify the air and to please usBeauty. But not all of them are as useful as we used to think. In nature there is a huge number of plants that can be dangerous for both humans and pets. And we place these Killer plants On their windowsills, without even knowing which parasite was brought into the house.

So that you do not make a fatal mistake, "so simple!" Made for you a selection of the 10 most dangerous houseplants, from which you should get rid immediately!

Dangerous indoor plants

  1. Mother tongue (sansevieria)
    This plant is very unpretentious and wonderfulCopes with the task of cleaning the air, but it must be kept away from children, since tawny tongue can cause pain in the throat, excessive salivation and nausea.
    Mother tongue
  2. hydrangea
    A person or animal that will eat budsThis flower, the stomach will start to hurt strongly, it will provoke a diarrhea, breathing will also be difficult. From this plant, you can even fall into a coma. Better not keep it in the house.
  3. aloe vera
    This wonderful plant has a lot of usefulProperties: heals burns, cuts and other skin lesions. But inside it should not be used, because aloe vera irritates the intestine, and animals and the extract of this plant is contraindicated.
    aloe vera
  4. Daffodils
    Narcissus is certainly a very beautiful flower, but inThe same time is very toxic. It can cause nausea and diarrhea, high blood pressure. If you eat an onion, then it can end and fatal.
  5. iris
    This plant can be dangerous for both children and adults. It causes nausea, vomiting and a sharp rise in temperature, as in fever.
  6. Hyacinths
    Like daffodils, these flowers cause vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, they can cause the death of pets!
  7. Diffenbachia
    This is a very popular plant, but fewIts owners know that it leads to the appearance of throat diseases. Juice dienenbachia, if it gets into the body of a child or a pet, can kill them!
  8. oleander
    Very toxic flower. The pet will die, eating even a small leaf. And in adults, oleander causes weakness, dizziness, arrhythmia and tremor in the muscles.
  9. Spathiphyllum
    Very often this plant causes allergic reactions, and hitting the human body, can cause death. In less severe cases, spathiphyllum leads to swelling of the lips, mouth and tongue.
  10. English ivy
    This plant is equally toxic to humans and animals. It causes respiratory failure, convulsions, vomiting, and in extreme cases - paralysis and to whom.

Show maximum caution in choosingPlants for their home, because they can not only purify the air, but also be very dangerous enemies of man. And share this important information with your friends and girlfriends!