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How to keep tomatoes

Way Harvesting tomatoes for the winter, Which offers "so simple!" Does not imply the use of salt, vinegar, or water. No hint of pickling or pickling!

Harvesting tomatoes for the winter

Tomatoes Will remain firm and fresh, as if from a garden. Everyone will be surprised when you submit to the New Year's table not greenhouse tomatoes, but those that are ripe under the summer sun!

Fresh tomatoes in winter

For such a preparation choose tomatoes dense, fleshy, small in size, without accents and other injuries.

How to keep tomatoes

Ingredients on a 3-liter jar

  • 5-6 tbsp. L. Mustard powder
  • Tomatoes


  1. Sterilize the jars. Tomatoes are washed and thoroughly dried.
  2. Dry and clean spoon lavishly scooped up Mustard powder And put a dry can on the bottom.
  3. Trying not to press each other, put the tomatoes in 1 layer, placing upwards the place where the petiole was. Sprinkle with mustard again.
  4. Repeat the layers until the cans are full. At the end, fill up another portion of the powder and close the lid (sterile and dry).
    Tomatoes with mustard for the winter
  5. After that, tilt the jar and gently roll over the table, so that the mustard is evenly distributed.
  6. Keep the workpiece in a cool, dark place.

Essential oils contained in mustard suppressReproduction of putrefactive bacteria, allowing tomatoes to remain fresh. Try to prepare a portion of tomatoes in this way and be sure: the method does not fail!

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