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Ginger with lemon and honey

You can not even imagine how much benefit is contained in one jar of this delicious Blanks!! Absolutely all the ingredients of the fragrant mixture contribute to the strengthening of immunity, which is especially important in the damp and slush season.

Honey with lemon for immunity

Ginger with lemon and honey

Honey, ginger and lemon - a famous trio for healing and strengthening the body. but "so simple!" Offers to complement this symphony of taste with one more ingredient - a pumpkin (believe me, it will fit perfectly!).

We almost always use Gourd After heat treatment, when a part of usefulSubstances has already been lost. The composition of this vegetable is really impressive: the vitamins of the group in (c1, c2, c12), vitamin a, c, pp and k, which you will not find in all vegetables and fruits. To lose such good is a crime!

Honey with lemon for immunity

The amount of ingredients you can safely vary, based on their taste preferences: add more honey, if you like messier, or less ginger, so you do not feel so bitter.


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 medium-sized ginger root
  • 200-300 g of pumpkin
  • 200 g of honey


  1. Prepare the ingredients. lime With lemon scalded boiling water and cut slices together with skin. Pumpkin and ginger cleanse, cut into slices.

    By the way, you can do without lime, replacing it with another lemon, but keep in mind that the vitamin c in lime contains almost 2 times more!

    Honey with lemon for immunity

  2. Prepared products put in The blender bowl For further grinding. If you love a more granular structure, you can use a meat grinder. In the resulting mass add honey and pour everything into the jar.
    Honey with lemon for immunity

From said amount of ingredients is obtainedApproximately 500 g of the finished product, which is perfectly stored in the refrigerator. Although for a long time such a preparation will not be delayed: it's too tasty with fresh pastries, pancakes or just with tea!

Please friends with a jar of delicious medicines, share a recipe!