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Form of female buttocks and health

Have you ever thought that the form of your fifth point can tell a lot about yourself? Buttock shape Is directly connected with hormones and health, therefore, just seeing a square, round, triangular or heart-shaped ass, you can say a lot about its owner. "so simple!" Tell you today that you can learn about you.

Types of female buttocks

Female pop

  1. square
    Female pop

    This form of buttocks can indicate the strong health of its owner and endurance.

    But if you do not like this form and you want to round off your ass a little, start doing it Foot exercises, Lying on his side. Even simple leg lifts will be effective. Also you will be helped by slopes and stretching.

  2. a circle
    Female pop

    This form speaks of an ideal balanceYour hormonal background. In addition, 95% of men prefer women with such a round booty. This is due to the fact that women with this form of hips are usually born smart and healthy children. Owners of this form of the buttocks will be easier to give birth, so men pay attention to such priests.

    So that Tighten the buttocks You can do sit-ups and exercises such as the bridge and the Bulgarian split.

  3. a heart
    Female pop

    Most likely, this form of priests indicates Deficiency of estrogen. Either you have this problem already, or will arise in adulthood.

    To correct the situation, you need to switch to the right food, do all kinds of sit-ups or make an appointment for Pilates.

  4. triangle
    Female pop

    This form also speaks of the deficiency of estrogen, which can cause sudden mood swings, insomnia, irregular periods, a decrease in libido, a decline in strength.

    To correct the situation, you need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and refrain from taking hormonal contraceptives. Otherwise, Infertility risk And forced intake of hormonal drugs. It is necessary to do exercises for the addition of muscle mass in the lower part of the buttocks. Try to crouch with dumbbells in your hands or stretch.

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