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Coffee source of antioxidants

Perhaps, all people in the world can be conditionally divided into two camps: those who can not live without a cup of coffee, and those who are indifferent to this drink.

Among my acquaintances there are both, and others. When a dispute arises between them about the benefits or The dangers of coffee - You can safely go to watch a movie, do cleaning, go out for a walk - the whole world around them just ceases to exist.

Finally, scientists have made some clarity in the overall picture, which certainly will put an end to many disputes and speculations about coffee!


Can I drink coffee

Everyone knows that in this fragrant drinkContains caffeine, which in large doses adversely affects your health. Nevertheless, studies have proven that coffee is the world's best source of antioxidants. They contain much more in this drink than, for example, spinach or cabbage.

This is great news for those who do not imagine the morning without a cup of hot A fragrant drink. The bad news is that until now, how the body absorbs and uses these substances has not been studied.

It turns out that if the body receives from the coffee a lot of antioxidants, it does not mean that it is able to completely absorb them and properly process them.

a cup of coffee

Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation of cells, prolong Youthful skin, Prevent cancer, strengthen the heart and even stop diabetes. On the other hand, coffee has a bad effect on the body in large quantities.

Excessive consumption of this drink canLead to pain in the stomach or increase the heart rate. Also the fact that coffee is washing away calcium from the body is proved, so people who drink this drink often need to add as much fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products to their diet.

In general, if you want to drink coffee - drink, but onlyNatural and only in small quantities. Do you like coffee? like it! Do not you like coffee? like it! Share this article with your friends and drink only those drinks that inspire you!