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A simple snack of lavash

Cigar borek (Sigara börek) is a national Turkish dish, which is served at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In shape these delicious straws are similar to Cuban cigars - hence the name!

Turkish pipes cigar burek

Traditional crunchy straws are made from the finest Test filo. Buy ready - absolutely wasteful, and to cook and pull it yourself - the process is time-consuming.

Dough filo

"so simple!" Offers to cook this hot snack using Thin lavash. Faster can not imagine!

Simple lavash appetizer



  • 4 thin lavash
  • 150 g of brynza (you can cottage cheese)
  • 1 egg
  • black pepper
  • Salt (if needed)
  • Cooking oil for frying


  1. Cut the leaves of the pita into triangles.
  2. Dill finely chop mixed with cheese or cottage cheese, pepper. Separate the yolk from the protein and add to the filling. Carefully stir everything. If you use cottage cheese, salt.
    Stuffing for pita bread
  3. Lay out the stuffing on the wide edge of the pita bread and roll it with a straw. So that the patties are not untwisted, soap the tip with the remaining egg white.
    Appetizer of lavash
  4. Fry the product in a sufficient amount of well-heated oil, then lay it on a napkin in order to remove its excess.
    <Img alt = "snack from lavash" src = "/images/https://takprosto.cc/wp-content/uploads/p/prostaya-zakuska-iz-lavasha/6.jpg" li = ""

You get a whole mountain of delicious crispy tubules! By the way, such pipes can be prepared a little more and some of it can be frozen for a while: if visitors unexpectedly arrive, you will have something to treat them to.

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