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Useful properties of lettuce

Lettuce refers to the genus of flowering plantsFamily astroves. Among all salads, it occupies an honorable place both in the history of cooking, and in the modern kitchen. In ancient Egypt it was considered a strong aphrodisiac and a symbol of fertility, and the ancient Roman and ancient Greek athletes could not imagine a meal without lettuce.

In our time this salad An inseparable decoration of many dishes. Lolso-rosso, "iceberg", romen salad - to what kind of subsume neither would lettuce, its useful properties can be spoken for hours. To your attention we present 10 main reasons why it is necessary to include lettuce in your diet.


Useful properties of lettuce

  1. Lettuce is a storehouse of vitamins. In 100 g of product contains:
    Vitamin a - 4.44 mg;
    Vitamin c - 9.2 mg;
    Vitamin 1 - 0.07 mg;
    Vitamin B2 - 0.08 mg;
    Vitamin B3 - 0.375 mg;
    Vitamin В5 - 0,134 mg;
    Vitamin B6 - 0.09 mg;
    Vitamin e - 0.22 mg;
    The vitamin K is 126.3 μg.
  2. It contains only 12 calories and 0.3 grams of fat (per 100 grams of lettuce). Thanks to low calorie salad can be consumed in large quantities, without worrying for the figure.
  3. This is valuable Dietary plant. Lettuce is rich in plant fiber, useful in losing weight. They help to remove toxins and excess cholesterol from the body. Besides, eating salad is recommended for people with diabetes.
  4. Improves the work of the heart. Lettuce can be considered one of the best products to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. It provides the body with potassium, as well as beta-carotene, which cleanses blood from harmful radicals.
  5. Accelerates the metabolism. There are many leaves in the leaves Folic acid, Which regulates metabolism.
  6. Struggles with insomnia. Juice, which is allocated, if you break the leaf of a lettuce, called Lactukary. His sleeping pills are known since ancient times. If you suffer from insomnia, be sure to include lettuce in your diet.
  7. Lettuce leaves contain Alkaloids, Bitterness, tar. These substances have expectorant, diuretic and sedative properties.
  8. Where without magnesium! Magnesium, contained in the leaves of lettuce, revitalizes muscle tissue, brain and nerves.
  9. Improves the thyroid gland. Lettuce is the source of iodine, which, as is known, is responsible for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  10. Irreplaceable in cosmetology. Shredded lettuce leaves are used as masks against inflammation and redness of the skin. Boiled salad leaves help with sunburn. Tincture on the basis of alcohol wipe the head, thereby preventing dandruff and stimulating hair growth.
  11. And lettuce is a delicious decoration for many dishes. Add lettuce to various dishes, but you can eat it in raw form. The truth, it tastes bitter.

Caution: Despite all the useful properties of lettuce, it can harm the body. People with urolithiasis and kidney diseases should exclude this salad from the diet.

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Having learned about useful qualities of this plant, you can test all its curative powers on yourself. A pleasant appetite, and no pain!