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Marshmallow cake

Airiness and pleasant sourness, nobleAppearance, budgetary ingredients! Taste, which will come to mind even the most whimsical sweet tooth ... this cake is insanely delicious with coffee, I suspect, with cocoa will also be very, very.

Dessert came out great! The coolest thing is that it is suitable for visitors' sudden visits. Jogging, you can buy condensed milk, butter and marshmallow, make a quick cake. Fruit berries in our time almost everyone in the freeze or freshly available. I would call this Cake without baking "Whimsy", so it turns out exquisite ...

Cake of marshmallows and fruits

Cake of marshmallows

Ingredients for cream

  • 300 g of butter
  • 1 can of condensed milk

Ingredients for layers

  • 700 g of marshmallow
  • 150 g of nuts (almonds are ideal, but for everyone)
  • Fruit or berries for your taste (piquant turns, if the berries with sourness)

As a complement between the layers or decorations can be used: ground nuts, coconut shavings, coffee ground grain, grated bitter chocolate and any other flight of fantasy.


  1. First cut the marshmallows (each half in half). Then grind the nuts.
  2. Then proceed to the cream. Butter a little to melt, so that it was soft and pliable, and placed in a container. Add condensed milk and mix with a mixer until the whole creamy state.
  3. You can start to form a cake! On a large flat plate lay out a layer of halves (I spread a flower, but I think you can do anything, the main thing - next).
  4. Then apply a layer of cream and berries / fruits.
  5. After lubricating the cream again, you can sprinkle with nuts and coconut shavings or just with one or the other. Further we repeat these layers depending on the desired height of the cake.
  6. Everything should be carefully smeared with cream so that in the future he will cement the marshmallows. We compensate for unevenness by spreading berries and cream.
  7. Top layer and sides decorate the remaining cream,Sprinkle with coconut shavings and nuts (if desired, ground coffee or chocolate). I after cooking put the dessert in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Keep the cake in the cold.

By the way, when I smeared, I thought how it was notBreak in the first minute. In fact it turned out that even without cooling the layers are kept perfectly. But how little do you get (marshmallow different happens), so it can be cut with a hot knife, then exactly will be even slices. You can lower the knife in boiling water, or you can pour it from the kettle with hot water.

If you put coconut shaving directly into the cream, the cake will come out as "rafaello"! Marshmallow cake Like and unpretentious, but will surprise you with a subtle exquisite taste ...

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