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Clothespin in the ear

If you belong to the type of people who do not rush to run to the doctor at the appearance of the slightest pain, you will be interested to know that minor Painful sensations Can be removed by stimulating the ears.

A certified reflexologist helen lui chin writes: "On the surface of the ear, a person has Reflex body map, Consisting of nerve endings and connections of the central nervous system ". So the doctor suggests that you learn how to stimulate 6 major points on the ears, which will help get rid of the pain.

For this you will need only a small pin. But remember that if the pain is strong enough, you should immediately consult a doctor!

How to eliminate pain with the clothespin

Active points on the ear

  1. Back and shoulders
    For these parts of the body meets the top of your ear. So that Get rid of back pain Or shoulders, attach the clothespin to the first point. In about 60 seconds you will feel that the body will begin to relax, and the pain goes away.
  2. Clothespin on the ear in pain

  3. internal organs
    The second point is the nerve endings of internal organs. To get rid of light pains, attach a clothespin to this point.
  4. Clothespin on the ear in pain

  5. Joints
    The third point is connected with the joints.
  6. Clothespin on the ear in pain

  7. Throat and nose
    If you attach a clothespin to the fourth point at the first signs of a cold, the symptoms will pass and you will not get sick.
  8. Clothespin on the ear in pain

  9. digestion
    Get rid of unpleasant sensations in the stomach or even from minor pain in the digestive tract will help all the same clothespin.
  10. Clothespin on the ear in pain

  11. Head and heart
    For the two main parts of the body is responsible for earlobe. Cling a clothespin to this place For prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
    Clothespin on the ear in pain

If you are skeptical about reflexology, you should feel yourself Curative effect of a normal clothespin!!