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Diet cake

Here it is, the cake is without flaw! Air and volume. It seems to me that it is even more delicious than Napoleon. During the strictest diet can be prepared: for 100 grams - only 114 calories. It's so comforting!

such Dietary dessert You can eat at least every day, performing it inDifferent variations. Figs and dates can be perfectly replaced with prunes and dried apricots, raisins, dried apples and cranberries. Pears a good substitute for bananas or kiwi - will be sour, but still very tempting ...

Low-calorie dessert

Diet cake

Ingredients for the base

  • 200 g of apples
  • 180 g oat flakes
  • 100 g of dried fruits (figs, dates)
  • 220 g of banana puree

Ingredients for cream

  • 500 g of soft low-fat cottage cheese
  • 300 grams of yogurt without additives
  • 20 g honey
  • 150 g of ripe pears

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  1. Chopping flakes in a blender or coffee grinder, applesSodium on a fine grater. Dry fruit finely cut or also grind in a blender, but do not allow them to be grinded in puree, should turn out small pieces.
  2. Prepare puree of bananas, mix with dried fruits and flakes. Get the dough for the basics! I added a pinch of vanillin to the fragrance.
  3. Lay the foundation in the cake mold, level, you can make the base with the sides. Place the form in the refrigerator.
  4. Mix yogurt, cottage cheese, honey. Cut a soft ripe pear with thin slices or cubes.
  5. Lay the cream on the prepared base, decorate the pear with pear and nuts. Leave the handsome man in the fridge for the night. In the morning a useful dessert will already be waiting for you!

In cottage cheese it is possible to add slightly frayed poppy: Low-calorie cake Will acquire an exquisite taste of the German poppyCottage cheese! I can not tell you how I like this variation of the dish. On top I decorate dessert with raw pumpkin seeds: even more useful, and such an unusual taste!

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After a tidbit of such a cake you will comeIn a magnificent mood and you will not feel guilty for eating sweets! Show this recipe to your close ones, and do not limit yourself to just your girlfriends. Accidentally heard the conversation of two employees, clearly understood: men no less worry about their weight ...