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Natural remedy for improving sleep quality

We all know how important it is to get enough sleep. But due to the modern rhythm of life, the average length of sleep for people on the planet has decreased from 8-9 hours to 6-7 hours. The whole day we are active, and our body requires a certain amount of time to rest, recover and replenish the reserve of forces. If we do not get enough sleep, then we feel broken and depressed. People think that with the help of a cup of hot coffee they can correct the situation, but this is only a temporary salvation ...

There are many factors that affect the Quality of sleep: Stress throughout the day, the continued use of gadgets and so on.

When people do not get enough sleep, they run to the pharmacy forMedicines, which, unfortunately, are not good for health, and in some cases even addictive. But it's best to take advantage of what Mother Nature has given us.

This simple means of 2 ingredients will help improve the quality of sleep. It gives you the opportunity to relax and prepare for the next morning.

A remedy for improving the quality of sleep


  • 5 parts of honey
  • 1 part of Himalayan salt

Mix the two ingredients and store them in a glass bowl. Put some of this mixture under the tongue before going to bed and gradually dissolve.

A spoon in the mouth

Himalayan salt contains more than 80 minerals andElements, which the body needs for recovery after a hard day. The composition of honey includes glucose, which saturates the cells of our body with energy.

A mixture of Himalayan salt and honey increases the level ofSerotonin - a substance whose level falls in us because of emotional stress. With the help of this tool, you can naturally remove the stress and Improve the quality of sleep.

Try this natural medicine and calmly rest, knowing that in the morning you will feel fine. Do not forget to share with your friends this useful information, they also want to sleep peacefully!