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How to cook Olivia

New Year's feast is simply unthinkable without Salad olivier. Cook this dish is very simple, of course, if you do not allow annoying mistakes. Today edition "so simple!" Will tell you how to prepare a delicate, elegant and hearty Olivier. Hopefully our advice will be useful to you!

How to cook olivier

  1. Mistake number 1
    It is not necessary to fill Olivier with only one mayonnaise. Of course, very convenient - just squeeze the contents out of the sachet and fill the salad, but because of this dish turns heavy for the stomach and too nourishing. It is worth diluting the mayonnaise with sour cream or cream, as our grandmothers did.

    You can also replace mayonnaise with Greek yoghurt: A dish with such a hearty and healthy dressing can be offered even to children. If you pretend to Olivier restaurant level, it is necessary to fill it with home-made mayonnaise: it is perfectly stored for 2-3 days, so you can prepare the sauce in advance.

    Olive should be filled immediately before serving, because after a few hours, unwanted moisture may appear in it.

    How to cook and cook deliciously Olivier

  2. Mistake number 2
    Add a doctor's sausage to the salad - an unforgivable mistake, even if your mom and grandmother did it. Prepare a real Olivier, do not delay until next year!

    The choice of the main ingredient is yours: It can be beef, pork, chicken or even cancer cervix. The author of the famous salad also added grouse meat, but now such a delicacy is unlikely to be found on the shelves of our stores.

    How to cook and cook deliciously Olivier

  3. Mistake number 3
    Add a large amount of potatoes to the salad -bad idea. This negatively affects the taste of olivier salad, and the consistency of the dish is obtained by starchy and viscous. Potatoes have the property to soak up the dressing, so many housewives have to add a large amount of mayonnaise to the salad.

    So that after the feast I would like to dance, and not fall apart on the couch, you should prepare a light, spicy and healthy dish. 12-14 servings should be taken with 4 potatoes, each weighing 100 grams.

    How to cook and cook deliciously Olivier

  4. Mistake number 4
    Do not add canned peas to olive. Its taste is very close to cooked potatoes: same sweet and sweet, so it's better to use frozen peas to make a salad.

    Taking advantage of this advice, you will turn a heavy winter salad with root vegetables into a light, elegant and spicy dish.

    How to cook and cook deliciously Olivier

  5. Mistake number 5
    Add only one egg to the salad - also badidea. Moscow chefs shared their views on this matter. They unanimously declare that eggs are a special ingredient that is responsible for the tenderness of a dish. Eggs counterbalance the taste of potatoes, carrots and peas. Weld more eggs: 12 servings at least 3.
    How to cook and cook deliciously Olivier

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