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Hot soup

Recently, I read an interesting soup recipe. A well-known culinary blogger recommended not to cut an ordinary onion during the preparation of dressing, but grind the raw onions to a consistency of puree in a blender, and only then add the vegetable to the soup! The idea was carried away by what to say.

if Add onion soup, The dish becomes much more tender to taste,Gets a special delicate aroma. More soup at times! Even vegetable, completely without meat. Tested by experience! The trick is suitable for any soup, in the ingredients of which there is a bulb.

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I went a little further and beforeCook onion puree, fried chopped onions in butter. In addition, I tried to add mashed potatoes of carrots fried in oil and fried onions to soups ... it turns out well, it's very tasty! I recommend you try, now you absolutely do not want to cook soup in the old manner.

Today's recipe is the same Moroccan soup, Thanks to which I learned a wise advice about onion puree. A simple dish, but refers to the national Moroccan cuisine! An unusual combination of tastes, without any routine.

Hot soup

Do not be embarrassed that for cookingThis soup should be used puree from tomatoes and onion puree. This is a guarantee of an incredibly tasty dish! Adhering to the specified proportions in the ingredients, you will create a masterpiece, without exaggeration.


  • 150 grams of lamb or any other meat slices
  • 400 g of tomato puree
  • 150 g onion puree
  • 400 g of cooked to half cooked chickpeas
  • 150 g of green lentils
  • 100 g finely chopped parsley
  • 150 g of starch, diluted in 150 ml of water
  • 2 tbsp. L. Of tomato paste
  • 100 g of rice
  • 2 tsp. Black pepper
  • 1 tsp. Turmeric
  • 1.5 tbsp. L. Butter
  • Salt to taste
  • Half a lemon
  • Dates, figs, baklava for filing


  1. Soak 200 grams of chickpeas for 5-6 hours, boil untilSemi-preparedness. 2 times increase in volume, we get 400 g of product. You can make this soup with peas, but with chickpea it's still more original.
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  2. Prepare a raw bulb of puree with a blender. Place the pan on the fire and put the mashed potatoes in it.
  3. Remove peel from tomatoes and cook tomato puree. Add tomato puree to onion, immediately add half of the chopped parsley - 50 g.
  4. Put the chickpeas and green lentils, chopped meat, into the saucepan cooked until half cooked. Without any doubt you can use a chicken.
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  5. Bring the oil into the soup. It will be very tasty if you use ghee!
  6. Now a spice line! Add pepper, turmeric, salt to taste. Stir the soup.
  7. Share cold water, bring the soup to a boil.
  8. Add tomato paste to the pan. After 40 minutes add the rice.
  9. Boil soup with strong boiling and intensive stirring. Rice and chickpeas can sink to the bottom and burn, so stir it is absolutely necessary!
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  10. When the chickpea is ready, you can add starch diluted in water! Top up it gently, with constant stirring. Bring the soup to a boil, but do not boil again.
  11. Add the rest of the parsley. The soup will look like an unusual kissel! Harirra, Or Moroccan soup, is ready.
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Thick, hot, spicy, sour! To serve this unusual soup you need with slices of lemon: suddenly you want to soup a little bit more acid. Also dried fruits are necessary - dates and figs, with which the soup seizes, they create a balance of taste between sour, spicy and sweet. Serve as a snack for soup and baklava, and sweet brushwood.

such Soup with lentils Can be cooked without meat, spicy soupAt all will not lose from this charm. Show your friends this unusual recipe, I'm sure they will get excited by the desire to cook a traditional dish of Moroccan cuisine!