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Exercises for the inner thighs

The inner thighs quickly become flabbyAnd quite ugly if you do not train the appropriate muscles. How great that there are exercises that will instantly put in order even the most problematic zone! do Exercises for the hips Very easy and even nice. In addition, gynecologists recommend them to strengthen women's health. Feel yourself posh!

Simple gymnastics for the inner thighs

  1. Straight leg straightening
    Lie on the right side, laying his hand under his head and placing an emphasis on the elbow. Slowly raise and lower the straight elongated leg as high as possible. Repeat this 15-20 times. Do the same, lying on the left side.
  2. Lying down

  3. Sidetrack
    Bury your hands in a chair or a wall, standing on one leg. The other leg is very slowly set aside and back. Repeat 20-25 times for each leg. Try to keep your legs straight.
  4. Standing leg

  5. Ball-point clamp
    Lie on your back, pulling your knees to your hips. As much as possible, squeeze the ball with your knees, while lifting your hips up. Feel how the external and internal muscles of the thighs are straining. Stay in a dressed position, counting to 10. repeat this 15 times.
  6. Ball exercise

  7. Squat with the ball between the knees
    Put the ball between your knees. Shallow squat, squeezing the ball. Feel how the muscles of the inner thighs work, this exercise is one of the most effective. Squat as much as you can, 30-50 times.
  8. Ball exercise

  9. Stretching of the inner thighs
    Lie on your back, put your lower leg on the right legknee. Push the foot of the right foot closer to the buttock. Lightly put a hand on the inner surface of the left thigh, you need to feel the stretching. Froze in this position. Do the same with the other leg. It is very important to follow the breath and keep the back straight.
  10. Stretching the inner surface of the thigh

Thanks to this gymnastics you will significantly strengthen the muscles of the hips, especially the inner part of them. When the muscles are toned, the skin is smooth and elastic - you will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as Cellulite. It's only necessary to start studying, and the visible result will stimulate the continuation of training!

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