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Pedicure at home

There is an opinion that it is worthwhile to look after your feetOnly in the summer, when we wear open shoes. But this is no more than a delusion, because pedicure should be done both for women and for men at any time of the year. Remember, it depends on it Leg health!!


In autumn and winter, the feet need even more care, because they suffer from tight socks and warm shoes. So the chances of Leg diseases Are rising. Far from all, entering the room, change their shoes. Warm autumn and winter boots become an instrument of torture, and on the delicate skin of the foot there are diaper rash and irritation.

To keep your feet healthy, we suggest you use a simple recipe for pedicure at home. The effect of such a procedure will not keep you waiting!

Pedicure at home

You will need

  • Large bowl
  • milk
  • soda
  • water

How to make a milky pedicure

  1. First wash your feet, cut your nails and take off your nail polish. Nails on the legs should be regularly cut, otherwise they can grow. It is advisable not to cut them very short and not to make the nail corners rounded.
  2. In a large bowl, pour a few glasses of warmMilk. Put your feet in a bowl so that the liquid completely covers them. If the milk is not enough, you can add a little warm water. Lactic acid acts very favorably on the skin, softening and moisturizing it. Hold your feet in the milk for a while, so that the skin becomes tender.
  3. Add a little soda to the bowl and massage your feet with your hands. Soda will act as Natural scrub, Which will remove the remains of dead skin. Milk will help get rid of corns and heal cracks. It's no wonder that the Cleopatra herself used this product for her beauty recipes!
  4. After the procedure, rinse your feet with water and dry with a soft towel.

And remember that feet care No less important than other parts of the body. Love yourself and your body, then you will be healthy and beautiful for many more years. Share this material with your friends, because it will be useful to everyone!