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Protein mask for face

Life is already quite a difficult thing, and when Skin problems, It turns into a real horror! Every woman knows this unpleasant feeling, when before an important meeting, it is scary to look once more in the mirror. The skin requires constant attention and care, otherwise - inflammation, wrinkles, peeling and dull complexion are inevitable ...

Means, which will be discussed below, - almost free way to look delicious. It is enough to do this mask 2-3 times a week, and the effect will be noticeable! oily skin, Inflammation, acne - all this will remain in the past. Thanks to a special technique of application Protein mask Your face will be transformed. Without a doubt, you need to try!

Protein mask for face

You will need

  • 1 egg
  • Paper napkins or toilet paper

  1. Separated the protein from the yolk. For a mask you need only protein, yolk can be used for culinary purposes. Well whisk the protein. You can make it with a fork, you can - a mixer.
    Protein and yolk
  2. Apply the protein mass on the face, using a cosmetic brush. Keep the zones around the eyes and mouth clean, because the skin here is very tender and can turn red, reacting to Active action of the agent. You can lubricate these areas with cream beforehand in order to avoid getting whipped on them.
    The girl is painted
  3. Take ordinary paper napkins or pieces of toilet paper. This is the decisive moment that guarantees the magical effect of the mask ...
    Protein mask for face
  4. Stick the napkins on top of the whipped protein. It's worth it: for a while you will look like a mummy, but then the skin will become like an angel!
    Protein mask for face
  5. Wipe the surface of the tissue with protein so that the paper becomes transparent.
    Protein mask for face
  6. Let the mask dry completely. It will take only 30 minutes! A real beauty salon at home ... dry napkins will easily separate from the surface of the skin.
    Protein mask for face
  7. After the procedure, wash with a slightly warmWater and smear your face with your favorite moisturizer. Voila, you are beautiful! After the first time the skin will become more velvety, fine wrinkles will be smoothed out, the pores will be cleaned. For people with problem skin protein mask - lifebuoy. It also has an anti-aging effect.
    Protein mask for face

This lovely girl in the video will show you how to make a protein mask with the maximum benefit for the skin. A great alternative to expensive modeling face masks!

The wonderful action of the protein mask is explained quite easily. The substance of the vitrin transferrin in the protein kills the bacteria, and potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine and other elements guarantee Constriction of pores, Skin smoothing and help maintain a commontone. Such a mask can be done quite often ... for women with sensitive and dry skin it is also suitable, but only in combination with honey or olive oil.

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