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How to replace the salt

Modern kitchen can not be imagined withoutSuch a spice as salt. It is added to almost every meat dish. But very few people know that the human body with healthy kidneys and the heart can output daily no more than 25 grams of salt.

The excessive use of this spice threatensSalt deposits and a variety of diseases that are directly related to this process. To protect themselves and their health, nutritionists are advised to reduce the daily quantity Salt.

Than to replace salt in dishes

Than to replace salt

  1. Dry sea kale
    An excellent substitute for edible salt. Cabbage must be soaked for several hours in water (you can overnight). Next, cut the algae with scissors and rinse thoroughly in two or three waters. For this you need to use drinking water, not chlorinated.

    After rinsing the sea kale, it is necessary to placeHer into a colander and let the water drain off. Then you should add your favorite seasonings and a little oil (cedar, linseed or sesame will suit). Sea kale becomes an excellent side dish for meat dishes.

    Than to replace salt in dishes

  2. celery
    Celery is one of the most unique vegetables withRich in chemical composition. Celery contains a large amount of sodium, and also has a salty taste. Thanks to this feature it will become a full-fledged replacement of edible salt.

    Dry food additive from celery - a novelty inCooking. It can be purchased in ready-made form, or you can prepare yourself. To do this, cut the celery stalks into pieces and dry them on the dehydrator sheets. The finished food additive should be stored in a glass container and, if necessary, grinded in a coffee grinder.

    Than to replace salt in dishes

  3. spice
    Salt can be replaced with a variety of spices. You should buy a quality product, which is very rare in our region. One of the most intense spices - turmeric, oregano, caraway and rosemary.
    Than to replace salt in dishes
  4. soy sauce
    In soy sauce contains a small amountSalt. Adding it as a dressing, you can significantly reduce the daily intake of salt in its pure form. Buying soy sauce, choose a quality product that does not contain flavorings and dyes. Also in its composition there should not be peanuts. Soy beans, wheat, corn, salt and sugar - these are the ingredients of natural soy sauce.
    Than to replace salt in dishes
  5. Correct cooking
    Try to cook some dishes in a double boiler orGrilled. This allows to preserve the natural salt in the products. In a month the body will get used to steam food and will perceive too salty food as tasteless.
    Than to replace salt in dishes

Hope these useful tips will help you, do not forget to share culinary tricks with your friends!