/ How to lose weight by 3 kg per week

How to lose weight by 3 kg per week

To throw a few extra pounds, do not necessarily adhere to debilitating diets and exercise daily. Respecting 5 Simple Rules, You can lose weight by 3 kilograms in just a week, without doing almost anything!

5 Simple Rules for Weight Loss

  1. Every time before eating, drink 2 cups of water. This amount of liquid for 10-15 minutes before meals will speed up your metabolism, the food will be digested correctly, without turning into fatty deposits.
  2. Another great way to speed up the digestion of food is to grapefruit. Eat half this fruit before eating to effectively burn fat.
  3. 300 ml Natural coffee with spices - cinnamon, vanillin and red pepper - are also a good way to accelerate metabolism. This drink should be used in moderation, so as not to harm the health.
  4. It's no secret that food should be carefully chew. But that the food is not delayed in the form of fatty deposits, each piece must be chewed at least 50 times.
  5. To effectively burn fat and accelerate the metabolism, pour 200 ml of hot water into the glass, add cinnamon and let it cool down a little. After half an hour add to this mixture of honey. Half of this Drink You should drink immediately before bed, and the rest - in the morning on an empty stomach.

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You do not have to immediately begin to observe all these rules. It is enough to take a habit of one or two for a very good result.

Try out the effectiveness of this method of getting rid of excess weight and share it with your girlfriends. Because someone who does not like doing nothing and lose weight?!