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How to quickly clean the fish

Every mistress of the house is tormented by the processCleansing fresh fish. Often after it the kitchen just does not know: everywhere scales, dirt and fish offal. And yet the cat is just wildly going crazy and does not let the matter go to its logical conclusion. Today our editorial staff will share with their favorite readers universal tricks that will help to quickly clean fish from scales and gut it.

How to quickly clean the fish

How to quickly and accurately clean the fish

Strange as it may sound, but, to be careful Scrape fish off, You need to return it to the natural habitat, that is, under the water! See in this video how the masteress-master cleans fish from scales in a small capacity.

So that To gut the fish In one movement, you will need ordinary Chinese chopsticks! In the video the girl clearly shows how you can cope with this task without the help of a knife. Who would have thought that it was so easy!

Do not forget to share with these girlfriends these kitchen lifes, be assured, they will appreciate them at their true worth! And also learn in our article how to quickly clear the herring from the bones.